Wall Mounted Display
Item No:         DV2150A
Resolution:    1920*1080
Backlit Type:  E-LED
Display Size:  21.5 inch Full LED Panel
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Features of Part A:Digital Signage
* Android OS6.0/8.1 system, support website visiting
* Auto upload videos from software via Wifi
* Remote content management software
* Support HD Video resolution:1920*1080
* Media files Supported:datob/mpg/divx/bmp/jpgtf/flash/office files and so on

Features of Part B: Auto Dispenser
* Auto Dispense by Sensor, touch free to avoid cross infection 
* AC adapter
* Identify the disinfectant automatically ,only work for the authorized one(optional)
* The life of our dispenser is more than 650000 times
* Soap/Disinfectant volume: 3000ml
* Standard pump for Liquid: Soap,Gel,Spray.